Facing the Danube

Fellini, at Római Part

The hottest days of summer are over, but a couple more heat waves may surprise us, as we are heading towards autumn. So, a couple of days left to really enjoy the river breeze and waves of the Danube. Living in the city center makes it difficult to deal with the hot concrete jungle in the summertime, but luckily we have this beautiful river passing through Budapest, and several spots on the banks of the river are just perfect to relax.

Kiosk, located on Marcius 15 ter , became one of the most popular meeting point for those who are willing to watch international sport events with friends. Placing a big screen in the middle, a bar with several kinds of lemonade (soooo popular in Budapest :), and food stand with grilled dishes, all you need to have fun. Great location if you want to stay in the city center, as it is in the middle of the promenade, the spot for people watching.


I am a huge fan of Római Part, this untouched riverbank of the Danube, which makes me feel like I am out somewhere in the countryside.