Happy New Year!

happy new year

For many of us January 1st means a new beginning, leaving the past behind and starting a healthier, happier new year. We can increase our luck with some food as well, if you eat them on the first day of the year.

Certain animals are not recommended to be consumed on January 1st, as compromise your luck: chicken is going to scratch it away , fish will swim away with your luck, and turkey will even bring a poisonous atmosphere into the family. Highly recommended to eat is pork, as the pig will grub your luck. Although only the tail, feet, ear and nails will bring you luck: this is what we believe in Hungary.

baked pig

Grain food (rice, lentil, millet etc.) is supposed to bring money for the new year, therefore, make sure you eat this first on the new day. Lentil soup and lentil pottage is very commonly consumed with pork frankfurter. At some houses, people used to cook one piece of almond with the lentil, and if one of the girls found it, she could prepare for her wedding in that year.

lentil pottage
Lentil pottage with frankfurter

Baking and eating strudel for the new year means you can “expand” your wealth, as you expand the dough when preparing. Doughnuts are also commonly served as dessert for new year’s day.

rétes, strudel

Fill up all your storage with sugar, coffee, flour: – no container should be empty on this day, as it means you might face some shortage of food the whole year around. Lovers can guarantee their long lasting sweet and romantic relationship if they kiss each other with honey on their lips.


Make sure you do not do the followings:

– take the trash out, – because you might throw away your luck with it also.

– lending money to anybody, as it may not come back to you all year around, and everything will just “leave” your house during the year.

– welcome every male guest to your house, – they bring luck, but ladies unfortunately not.


Wishing you all the best, a successful, healthy, and wealthy new year, hope, joy, happiness and love in 2016!