My Favorite Gelaterias

Levendula ice-cream
Levendula, basil flavored lemon and raspberry with mint flavored ice-creams

It is amazing how many ice-cream shops are opening in Budapest during the summertime. They offer Italian ice-cream, home made ice-cream lollies, ice-cream with alcohol or yoghurt based ice-cream. I collected some of my favorite gelaterias, that I personally visited, and visit every now and then. New shops are continuously opening, so this blog might be updated and extended with the time.

La Delizia
La Delizia, Pozsonyi street shop

I am a big fan of La Delizia, the small cookie manufacture in the 6th district, Jókai street (and their relatively new venue in the 13th district, in Pozsonyi street). They definitely got me with their ice-cream as well. The first shop was opened around 5 years ago, and started with a wide selection of cookies (what we taste on our culinary walking tour). Now, they also offer lovely cakes and ice-cream too. The  ice cream selection is quite nice, and special, for example: salted pumpkin seed, lavender chocolate or lúdláb (after a traditional Hungarian cake). In their Pozsonyi street shop the ice cream selection is specialized in glutein free and lactose free versions. I was not prepared for this, and I still had the best ice-cream of this season for sure, so far: it was salted caramel and mulberry with chocolate chips!

ice-cream selection
ice-cream selection at Levendula

Levendula is a French style ice-cream shop (French chansons are heard from the loudspeakers), and luckily there are more than one of them around Budapest and the country: find the list of their shops here. My favorite flavor here, was the basil flavored lemon and the ganache gelatos. Glutein-free, lactose-free and vegan versions are available.

Levendula Szent István krt shop
Levendula, a piece of French countryside in Szent István krt

“Italian Gelateria”, that is how Fragola considers their ice-cream shops. A wide selection of flavors, usually 20-30 kinds, lovely, inviting, decoration attracts the passer-bys. See the list of their venues, and find the one close to you!

Asztalka lately became one of my favorite cake shops, situated at the bottom of Elizabeth bridge, on the Buda side. The cake selection is a reflection of German cakes, French tarts. The sorrounding of Asztalka is so romantic, old trees gives the shade of the small terrace, and it is next to a church on Döbrentei tér. At the time of my visit they offered only 3 kinds of ice-cream, my choice, the strawberry sorbet was perfect!

Asztalka interior
Asztalka, and its lovely terrace

The most beautiful ice-creams are sold in Gelarto Rosa. The rose shaped ice-creams are not only look nice, but they taste fantastic as well. Their main shop is just across Saint Stephen’s Basilica, but if you want to skip the usually very long line there, stop by at their other shop, in Hercegprímás street.

I am not a big fan of any kind of eating place in a shopping mall, but I do have to mention Jono Yogo, the yoghurt based self-service ice-cream shop in Westend City Center. Every day, there is a different selection of 18-20 flavors, and the biggest selection of toppings I have every seen! The price is up to the weight of the ice-cream and toppings you choose, mine is almost always over 1000 Forints, as I can never stop here!


Visit my favorite cake shop, La Delizia on our Culinary Walking Tour, and check out their lovely gelato selection yourself!