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World Famous Hungarian Ladies

Estée Lauder
Today is the International Women's day around the world. A day to celebrate femininity, beauty, life, and care, all the nicest part of us, that brings joy and pleasure to ourselves, and to the other people. I would like to share the stories of two Hungarian ladies, who changed the world, showed beauty,  set a great example to everybody that hard work will pay off. Estée ...
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Classic Hungarian Cakes

Rákóczi Túrós
To have a whole picture of the Hungarian gastronomy you cannot leave out visiting at least one confectionary shop and taste one (or some) of the fantastic Hungarian cakes. Rákóczi túrós, Dobos torta, Eszterházy torta, zserbó, krémes, Rigó Jancsi, or Somlói galuska, all  have their own story. Let's learn more about these great delights of the Hungarian culinary art. ...
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A Winter Classic: Mulled Wine

mulled wine
  This sweet and spicy alcoholic beverage is an ultimate favorite all over Europe during the winter season. Most of the times it is made of red wine, but the white wine versions are not rare neither. Where can you find mulled wine in Budapest during winter? Everywhere. As the Christmas markets are closed in Budapest from the beginning of the new year, it does not...
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Hungarian Gastro Faces: The Gundel Family

If anybody ever asks which is the most famous Hungarian restaurant, I believe most of us would say: the Gundel. Not only one, but several members of the Gundel family represented the greatness of the Hungarian cuisine in the last 180 years. Although,  currently no family member is in the gastronomy business, but the name "Gundel" means fine dining, cookbooks, schools and th...
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Bean Soup a la Jókai

bean soup a la jokai
Several traditional Hungarian dishes are great explanations for the meaning of “comfort food”. As November just started, we are all going to feel the sensation of these fabulous dishes during the winter season.  Cooking slowly and simply, we appreciate the tastes, the nostalgia, and the combination of flavors, what they bring into our house. The famous Bean Soup a la Jókai, i...
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Pool complexes

We all know that the baths of Budapest are famous all over the world. The quality of the thermal and mineral water of Hungary is fantastic. You find drinking water  everywhere, it is definitely not something the locals, or the visitors should be worried about. Thermal and Turkish baths of the city are fantastic spa experiences during autumn, winter or spring. But what if the...
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The Best Open-Air Bars

Where to spend the afternoon or evening in the 35 degrees in Budapest? Certainly, in one of the open-air bars! There are so many of these places in Budapest, that a new bar can hardly make a big "noise". This collection of new and old places, that definitely has a place on your "heat-map" of Budapest. A new favorite, Pontoon, in the shades of the trees of the Danube bank...
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Iced Tea Recipes

iced tea
Would you like to enjoy the taste of your favorite tea, but you prefer the cold drinks in the summer heat? Prepare your taste of drinks in the morning, without artificial flavors, and enjoy it well-chilled all day long. Restaurants and bars are offering a large scale of lemonade, (the most preferred non-alcoholic drink in Budapest), but other than that, only bottled iced...
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My Favorite Gelaterias

Gelarto Rosa
It is amazing how many ice-cream shops are opening in Budapest during the summertime. They offer Italian ice-cream, home made ice-cream lollies, ice-cream with alcohol or yoghurt based ice-cream. I collected some of my favorite gelaterias, that I personally visited, and visit every now and then. New shops are continuously opening, so this blog might be updated and extended ...
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The Best Market Halls of Budapest

Lehel Market Hall
Budapest is definitely becoming a strong gastronomic scene of Europe recently. Having the best chef in Europe (Széll Tamás, Bocuse d'Or Europe winner, 2016), more restaurants are being recognized by the Michelin guide (5 1-star restaurants), and the authentic market halls, which still keep their original function for more than 100 years, turns the reflection of food lovers ...
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