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Sweet Dumplings

cottage cheese dumpling
In the homeland of heavy and meaty hot soups, these tasty starters are often followed by dessert-like main courses: sweet dumplings. Here, I would like to share two dumpling recipes with you: Cottage cheese dumplings and Plum dumplings. They are easy to find in Hungary, and even easier to make. A great combination of sweet and sour, everybody's favorite! Cottage Cheese D...
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Grey Cattle and Mangalica, Two Hungarian Specialities

Mangalica and Grey Cattle
Eating your way through the Budapest restaurants, you may find some interesting meat dishes, like Mangalica stew or Grey beef steak. Grey Cattle and Mangalica (products) are considered "Hungaricum", they are indigenous to Hungary, protected by the law and symbols of the country. The Hungarian Grey (Magyar Szürkemarha) is the most ancient domestic beef of Hungary. Between...
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Hungarian cooking: Goulash soup

Goulash soup (or in Hungarian: Gulyásleves) is one of the national dishes of Hungary, and also the symbol of the country. This rich, warming comfort food gives you energy for the cold winter days. Although, it is commonly cooked in summertime as well, especially in a cauldron, over the fire in the gardens. The name "Gulyás" originates from the word "gulya", meaning a...
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Happy New Year!

baked pig
For many of us January 1st means a new beginning, leaving the past behind and starting a healthier, happier new year. We can increase our luck with some food as well, if you eat them on the first day of the year. Certain animals are not recommended to be consumed on January 1st, as compromise your luck: chicken is going to scratch it away , fish will swim away with your ...
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7 interesting Christmas Traditions

The month of December is about the preparation for Christmas, and Christmas celebrations in Hungary. All along this month there are several Christmas traditions that can bring you good fortune, presents, candies and toys to the children, or just  bring the families together. Some of these traditions are connected to the Christian religion (as Hungary is mainly a Christian c...
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Lebanese Dinner in Budapest

Baalbek, Lebanese restaurant
Finally, Lebanese kitchen arrived to Budapest! If there was one kitchen I was really looking forward to trying, it is Lebanese kitchen. Amongst all of the enormous amounts of Turkish restaurants in the city, I was curious what this new Lebanese restaurant had to offer. Baalebek restaurant is open now for the public, in the stylish Buddha-Bar hotel on Ferenciek tere (Ferenci...
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Hungarian Christmas Dishes

As we are getting close to the holiday season you might think of trying myriad foods from different countries, rather than your own traditional dishes. If you feel like challenging yourself with traditional Hungarian cooking, I would like to share  three recipes with you, that will definitely make the holiday season memorable. Fish soup, stuffed cabbage and bejgli, these di...
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Northern treasures – Bélapátfalva

  Would you like to have gorgeous colors on your photos of the nature? Then this is the time to get off your couch and explore the countryside! My way led me to the north of the country this time, and I have found all what I needed to be energized and relaxed at the same time. Bélapátfalva is situated in the Bükk National Park, north from Eger (town famous for it...
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Paprika Harvest

paprika at the mills, to be grinded
  The main characteristic of the traditional Hungarian kitchen is paprika, without any doubt. Harvest time of this red "gold" plant (as called in Hungary) starts after September 8 (day of the misses). In October, farmers harvest for the second or even the third time from the same plants. The first ripe paprika fruits are at the bottom of the plant, and the upper o...
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Hungarian cooking: Pumpkin Pottage

Pumpkin pottage
Among traditional Hungarian dishes there is one vegetable dish,- that we consider to be typical Hungarian: it is pottage (főzelék). Pottage is a thick soup made of vegetables. While in many countries pottage is made of different kinds of vegetables mixed together in a pot, in Hungary only one kind of vegetable is used for one dish (except "finomfőzelék", -where you mix peas...
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