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Matrjoska, Russian specialties in Budapest

Matrjoska restaurant
From fine dining (Aranykaviár) to self-service buffet restaurants ( Babuska), luckily the Russian cuisine is presented in different forms for the people of Budapest. Matrjoska is one fine bistro restaurant that perfectly suits  the line of the Russian restaurants, where food and atmosphere gives you that extra feeling you are looking for. The restaurant calls itself a cultu...
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Budapest as a movie scene

Buda castle
When watching certain film you may notice that scenes look familiar to you, but not quite Berlin, but it is not quite Rome, nor any other city. Indeed, in the last 10-20 years Budapest has become a popular movie scene for either "playing" other cities, or simply presenting itself. Due to the numerous well-equipped studios nearby, the different atmospheres of Budapest's streets,...
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Hungarian cheeses

cheese platter
According to the etymology, the words "fejni" (milked) and "vaj" (butter) already existed in the 11-13th century in Hungary. The pastoral Hungarians mainly used sheep milk to make cheese. The use of cow milk to make cheese was first started by Germans in the highlands in the 13th century. They also traded cow milk cheeses, proved by the existence of the Késmárk settleme...
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Anthony Bourdain’s Budapest

Anthony Bourdain American chef and television personality
In the last episode of "Parts Unknown"- a CNN Sunday night travel program- Anthony Bourdain visited Budapest. The American chef, writer and media personality does not commonly report from Europe: only Lyon, Copenhagen and Spain were once features of the show. He visited the New York Café, Pléh Csárda, and Pesti Disznótoros while strolling down Budapest's streets. Fine dining wi...
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Culinary dictionary 3 – Meat dishes

Hungarian cuisine has influenced the history of the Magyar people. The importance of livestock and the nomadic lifestyle of the Magyar people is apparent in the prominence of meat in Hungarian food and may be reflected in traditional meat dishes cooked over the fire, unlike western European countries, where baked meat is much more common. There are 4 special Hungarian te...
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Pig on the Broadway

Budapest Broadway Pesti Disznó
The Budapest Broadway (Nagymező street is called by this name) offers numerous culinary experiences starting from one of the best Italian pizza slices (Pizzica) to great Vietnamese cuisine (Dang Muoi). Pesti Disznó fits perfectly into the line of superb eating places in the street, and also in the city. This modern, stylish bistro offers mainly Hungarian dishes of mangalica...
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Talkative houses

marble decoration on a fireplace
The Compromise of 1867 with Austria provided new hope to Budapest economically, and after the unification of Buda, Pest and Óbuda  (1873), the city developed a capitalist infrastructure and,- the population greew rapidly,-  Pest became a place of great municipal construction and a cultural output that rivalled that of Vienna. This spirit of energy and independence was evide...
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Healthy Hungarian

halászlé, fish soup, fish festival, healthy fish food
Starting your day with sweet white flour bakery products, having heavy soups with meat, (and meat again as main dish), and of course a delicious cake as dessert, the everyday Hungarian cuisine is considered very tasty, albeit is not considered healthy. The main ingredients of our typical dishes are: onion, lard and paprika. They are not unhealthy in little amounts, but cook...
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Gastro dictionary vol. 2

Pasta and handmade noodles are a significant part of the Hungarian cuisine. While pasta can be purchased in the supermarkets nowadays, there are still certain kind of garnishes, noodles and soup ingredients that are the best when made fresh. It is amazing how many different kinds of side dishes you can prepare from the same ingredients. Take a look: Csipetke: Made of flo...
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