Pool complexes

Római Fürdő
Római fürdő

We all know that the baths of Budapest are famous all over the world. The quality of the thermal and mineral water of Hungary is fantastic. You find drinking water  everywhere, it is definitely not something the locals, or the visitors should be worried about.

Thermal and Turkish baths of the city are fantastic spa experiences during autumn, winter or spring. But what if the weather is 35-40 degrees Celsius, and you do not feel like spending 20 minutes in the hot water?

The city offers great spots for the summer fun as well! You may need to travel a bit, to find these great pools and pool complexes, but they do worth a visit!

Palatinus Pool Complex



Palatinus Pool Complex is situated on Margaret Island, reachable easily from the city center, by public transportation or bike. Cars are not allowed to drive though the island, if you wish to come by car, find parking spots near Thermal or Grand Hotel Margitsziget, the north side of  the island. The more than 75 000 square meter pool complex is open during the summer time, between May and September 18. Several cold water pools are available, like wave pool, children’s pools, or swimming pools. Admission fee is: 2100-3200 HUF.

Római fürdő
Római fürdő



Római fürdő (Római Strand) is a bit further outside of the city center. It is located near Római part (from the center, you need to take two buses, 26 and 34 or 106 to reach the pools), but it is great to experience the locals’ summer adventures. The pool complex offers three pools: a 34-meters long one for swimmers, a small one for the children, and one for slides and fountains. The pools are in a nice park with lots of green space, that is suitable to play football, or other outdoor activities. Admission fee is 1800-2400 HUF.




Napozó is located in the “territory” of the Csillebérci Úttörőtábor, a former communist summer camp for students, in the Buda forests. This is THE hipster pool of Budapest! Every day there is a DJ mixing the greatest hits of the season. It is actually only one pool, and lots of green space around it.  A bar, finger food, table tennis, sunbeds are here for the young generation’s amusement. Admission is 1000-2000 HUF.



“Budapest deserves a beach”

The coolest summertime activity for the youths is to visit Lupa-tó (Lupa lake). The video above says it all, how cool this new beach of Budapest is! Only ten minutes from the city, the Caribbean “corner”. Experience great food scenes, summer sport activities and party at the beach! Admission: 1000-3000 HUF.


When it cools down, check out the Budapest food scenes, and join one of our tours or wine tastings!