The Best Open-Air Bars

Szimpla kert, a bar on the roof

Where to spend the afternoon or evening in the 35 degrees in Budapest? Certainly, in one of the open-air bars! There are so many of these places in Budapest, that a new bar can hardly make a big “noise”. This collection of new and old places, that definitely has a place on your “heat-map” of Budapest.

A new favorite, Pontoon, in the shades of the trees of the Danube bank and the Chain bridge is awaiting for the visitors, who wants to relax on the riverside. The small white booth is the presence of Meat & Sauce, a Nagymező street foodie place, offering great meaty sandwiches with special sauces.

Pontoon, right next to Chain Bridge, on the Pest side

Budapest park is one of the most popular open-air concert places of the city.

In the center of Budapest, on Erzsébet tér Fröccsterasz opens up every summer in the last 4 years.

Fröccsterasz, the old central bus station is now one of the most popular outdoor meeting point

Kiosk on Március 15-e tér gives you the feeling of the high end class. Charming and welcoming with it’s sailor style.

We cannot leave out of this list: Szimpla kert in the center of the Jewish district, the party area of the city. Budapest’s iconic ruined bar, the Szimpla, is open now for 15 years. The garden of Szimpla, “Szimpla kert”, hosted an outdoor movie for a couple of years before it was opened.