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Sweet Dumplings

cottage cheese dumpling
In the homeland of heavy and meaty hot soups, these tasty starters are often followed by dessert-like main courses: sweet dumplings. Here, I would like to share two dumpling recipes with you: Cottage cheese dumplings and Plum dumplings. They are easy to find in Hungary, and even easier to make. A great combination of sweet and sour, everybody's favorite! Cottage Cheese D...
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Hungarian cooking: Pumpkin Pottage

Pumpkin pottage
Among traditional Hungarian dishes there is one vegetable dish,- that we consider to be typical Hungarian: it is pottage (főzelék). Pottage is a thick soup made of vegetables. While in many countries pottage is made of different kinds of vegetables mixed together in a pot, in Hungary only one kind of vegetable is used for one dish (except "finomfőzelék", -where you mix peas...
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