5 Spots to Taste Indian Food in Budapest

Experiencing weeks of snow, to eat some hearty, spicy dishes is tempting. Had enough of the local food, and want to explore the international cuisine in Budapest? We give you some tips for Indian food, spots that are popular by the Indians themselves, all exist for several years in Budapest, so they earned our loyalty.

Pándzsáb Tandoori

Address: 1133 Budapest Pannónia utca 3.

Do not expect any fancy decoration, this place is really about the food. Pannónia utca is the location for Pándzsáb Tandori restaurant for more than 10 years now, and keeps the usual high quality of the dishes. They have 10 tables, all guests can can take a seat on the gallery, it is cozy, home-like atmosphere. The food is excellent.  You find Vegetable Samosa, Pakora with mint sauce, Chicken Tikka Masala, Korma, and other typical specialties of the Indian cuisine in Europe on the menu. Most of all, they also deliver!


Address: 1063, Budapest, Szinyei Merse Pál Street 1.

While strolling down on Andrássy Road it is very unfortunate that it is still difficult to find a decent restaurant. That is why we were very glad to have this breezy, comfortable Indian restaurant here. perfect for families or groups of friends. Haveli is also here for about 3 years now, and quickly became a favorite spot for Indian food lovers. Our favorite here is the Lentil soup, the Vegetarian Kofta, but also the Madras Curry Chicken is amazing!


Address: Budapest, 1073 Dob utca 53

The Jewish Quarter is known for all types of international cuisine, from Mexican to New Orleans food, and Indian food is represented here by one of the most elegant restaurant, Shalimar. It was named as  the best curry restaurant in the city several occasions.  Lots of fresh ingredients, and more vegetable dishes than in the other restaurants. Loved the okra salad, and the tikka plate is also beautiful and tempting.

Photo: Shalimar facebook

Maharaja City

Address: 1074, Budapest Csengery utca 24

Maharaja City is not just an Indian restaurant, but also a Nepali restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is the Jham Family, involved in the restaurant business for long time. While it is not surprising that they run one of the best Indian restaurant in Budapest. The prices are very reasonable here, the portions are big. You find also specialities from Nepal on the menu: Pulao, -a rice dish with vegetables, or meat -, and Momo, -a vegetable or chicken filled noodle dish-.

Pulao / Photo: Maharaja.hu

Bangla Büfé

Address: 1073 Budapest Akacfa utca 40

The owners recently renovated and reopened everybody’s favorite Bangla Büfe! It was just about time to expand the guest area, as being seated in Bangla Büfé was quite a difficult task sometimes. Two chefs operated in the tiny kitchen, who interpreted their working hours “independently”, and disappeared from the kitchen. Yet, with all this uncomfortable long waiting times in Bangla Büfé you could eat great Indian food, at a reasonable price. Furthermore, we experienced a bit of Indian moral on the funny side. Finally we cannot wait to see the new Bangla!

Photo: Bangla Büfé Prémium facebook