Farmers Markets in Budapest

Many of the locals in Hungary tend to buy their fresh food products in farmers markets, market halls or even from moving markets, which are quite popular in the countryside. Tasteless strawberries or green banana from the southern hemisphere, tomatoes from the green houses in Spain, do not catch our eyes, our taste, although they are cheap, but also make us to avoid supermarkets. The Market Halls of Budapest offer great variety of local products, but this time, I tried to collect the popular, open-air farmers markets in Budapest and the surroundings, where you can meet the producers themselves, have a chat with them, and experience what these lovely markets have to offer.

Czakó Piacz (Czakó market), every Saturday (photo: Czakó Kert facebook)

Czakó Kert & Piacz is “the oldest house in the Tabán, with a vineyard garden, a wine cellar, a farmers market in the garden, a bistro and a pastry shop in the barn”, as they say in their introduction. Located in Buda’s first district, Czakó Kert offers a variety of experiences around food. Taste Slovak beer, of fancy a cake? Visit Czakó Kert any day between 9 am and 10 pm.

Czakó Kert, farmers market (photo: Czakó Kert facebook)

For the market you need to come on Saturday, 8 am- 2 pm. Bread, cheese, meat, honey, vegetables, and fruits, jams and fruit syrups from local farmers are offered to get you off your feet. They also organize events (find them on facebook), like the “Beesaving Flower Seed Sowing”.

smoked goose products at Pancs gasztroplacc
Smoked Goose products @ Pancs

Pancs Gaszroplacc is a farmers market organized in Élesztő craft beer pub in Tűzoltó street, every Sunday between 8 am to 2 pm. You find delicacies, quality food products, made by farmers all around the country. These producers are suppliers for several Budapest shops and restaurants, but they also sell their products abroad, like the goose sausages, goose liver,  hams and salami producers, who live up to the French restaurants’s standards. The sellers are mainly here every Sunday, so you do not have to worry if you miss them, as they will be back next week! Some of the great products you find here: Vibalance – a fairly new company creating award winning granola-, Kanálka – vegetable creams, chutney, vegetable chips and more -, great jam producers, fruit syrups ( a favorite drink in the summer heat in Hungary), bakers, cheese makers, healthy cakes and snacks, besides other great local products.

Pancs Gasztroplacc
Pancs Gasztroplacc

It is good to plan your visit to Pancs around lunch time, as lunch is cooked every Sunday by various chefs.