Good Morning Budapest!

We collected the top 5 breakfast and brunch places for you in Budapest. All-day breakfasts, or an unforgetable brunch with friends, we focus on venues that gives the perfect way to start your day.

  1. New York Café

    Let’s start with the best! New York  Café was officially voted the the ” World’s Most Beautiful Café” by several travel platforms all around the world in the last few years. During my walking tours, I often receive the question: “Does it really worth visiting?” My answer is always: “yes”.  Even though you may not be someone, who admires fancy places, I still believe it is a mistake not to experience the atmosphere of such beauty, once you are passing by. And let’s be honest, there are not too many historical classic cafés all around the world. Now this one, is not for the early risers. New York café is open between 8-11 am, reservations are needed!  What is on the menu? Unfortunately traditional Hungarian breakfast is not offered currently in New York Café (sausages, salamis etc..), but you do have an extensive variations of egg dishes: scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, omelets, fried eggs. French toast with sour cream and chives is  definitely a Hungarian invention, makes the top of my selection list! In case you prefer sweet breakfast go for the Italian breakfast or, the New York pancakes.

    New York Café

  2. Á Table!

    With 14 locations in Budapest, you cannot miss a good croque monsieur or tartine at one of the locations of Á Table! close to you! Really close to my Hungarian taste buds is the Tartine Jambone, which is cream cheese, a slice of cotto ham, cheddar, mixed salad and vinaigrette sauce on a nice slice of Normandy bread. Being an absolute croissant fan, I love the new creations of Á Table: as an eggs benedict sandwich, you can order it with poached eggs and hollandiase sauce, or salami, truffle and sun-dried tomatoes in between. What else can you ask for as a lovely start of your day?

  3. Franziska

    Being lactose intolerant , I was facing the problem of finding a decent place in Budapest for breakfast. Until I have found Franziska. The first location of Franziska was opened in Buda, and now lucky to be able to visit her restaurant in Pest as well. Breakfast can be ordered all-day long, opening at 8 am. Eggs benedict dishes are absolutely my favorites at Franziska, last time I have tasted her Veggie Benedict, and for sure it filled me up until the afternoon! “Sweet Breakfasts” are also offered in great variety: fruit bowl, sour cherry-coconut oatmeal, but also waffles, like hazelut waffle or a special waffle of  Franziska.  Let’s not forget the fabulous vegan cakes that are masterpieces and can be the crown of any birthday!

  4. Arioso

    Finding a breakfast location that offers the typical Hungarian breakfast in Budapest is not so easy. As Budapest is world class city, it soaks up all food trends of the world in a blink of an eye, and most of the restaurants offer a similar selection. Arioso is a centrally located flower shop that decided to offer breakfast for the visitors of the Jewish Quarter, and put a “Hungarian breakfast” on their menu. How smart that is! Even though most of us try to be health conscious in our diet, I am pretty sure, after a party night in the neighborhood, it is only the Hungarian breakfast that can put you back on track for the day! Curions? Visit Arioso‘s website, or Join Our Culinary Walking Tour to learn more!

  5. Honey

    With great enthusiasm of the owners, Honey, a recent project opened its doors near Saint Stephen Basilica! I love to find businesses and venues in Budapest that choose to focus on a certain interest. I absolutely share this passion! I am a proud advocate of the local honey, find it, taste it, cook with it, it is a most valuable product of the world, that we have to treat with care. What do I recommend? I loved the croque monsieur with dijon mustard and cheese sauce, topped it with a drizzle of orange-honey, what an amazing flow of flavors!


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