Korhely Soup for the New Year!

korhely leves

Healing the stomach after new year’s eve party is a common need around the world. Korhely soup is the dish that makes the beginning of the new year fabulous. This hot, sour, and thick soup is supposedly better for you than aspirin. The best to prepare it in advance, like other sour cabbage dishes, this soup also becomes tastier with the time. No need for adding extra salt, as the spare ribs and bacon brings the saltiness, better taste it frequently while cooking.


60 dkg sour cabbage/sauerkraut, thinly sliced

50 dkg smoked spare ribs

20 dkg smoked bacon

10 dkg spicy paprika sausages

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

2 dl sour cream

2 teaspoon paprika

4 bay leaves

black pepper

cumin seed

4 dl water

2 tbs flour


  1. Place the spare ribs in a bowl full of water one day in advance.
  2. Start cooking the spare ribs in 4 litres of water.
  3. in case the cabbage is too sour wash it with water.
  4. Half way cooking the spare ribs, add the cabbage, the sliced onion, cloves, bay leaves, and flavor with black pepper and cumin.
  5. Slice the sausages, and add the slices to the soup approximately 20 minutes before finishing the preparation (about 40 minutes after the cabbage).
  6. When everything is almost ready, dice the bacon, place it in a cold pan, and start frying slowly. As soon as the bacon is crispy, take it out, and add the paprika, the flour into the lard, stir it quickly and add cold water. (sould be thick as yoghurt). Add the roux into the soup.
  7. Pour some hot soup into the sour cream, mix it, and add it into the pot.
  8. Add the crispy bacon into the soup, and ready to serve!

Korhely soup is the best when it is served hot, with fresh bread, and lots of sour cream on top! Enjoy:)