Matrjoska, Russian specialties in Budapest

Matrjoska restaurant

From fine dining (Aranykaviár) to self-service buffet restaurants ( Babuska), luckily the Russian cuisine is presented in different forms for the people of Budapest. Matrjoska is one fine bistro restaurant that perfectly suits  the line of the Russian restaurants, where food and atmosphere gives you that extra feeling you are looking for. The restaurant calls itself a cultural bistro, and by that they mean the cultural programs they have weekly: music, theatre performance or interviews. The restaurant is located in the heart of the “Palotanegyed,” which is the lively part of the 8th district with many bars and restaurants, especially around Móricz Zsigmond tér.

Matrjoska decoration

The starters are: Szeljodka Pod Suboj (marinated herring), Vinyegret (beetroot salad), and Farshmag (egg salad with marinated herring). Tarhun ( non-alcoholic drink with tarragon) is one favorite.

Matrjoska restaurant starters

Matrjoska Okroshka soupOkroshka, one of the most popular Russian specialties, was refreshing chilled, but we missed the tastes of vegetables and other ingredients merging together. It was definitely fresh, but would have needed some more time before serving.



We tried all the pelmenyi selection, with lamb and tomato sauce, with salmon in creamy sauce, and with pork and beef and buttery sauce. The one with the tomato sauce was rather reminding of an Italian tortellini, but the others had a distinctive sour taste.

Pelmenyi in Matrjoska restaurant


Szirnyiki, a curd cheese “tart” with sour cream foam, was absolutely perfect, this was gone quickly!

Matrjoska Szirnyiki

I have to mention that the service was great, high above average, young waiters are doing their best. Thank you!

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Price: 3,5/5