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Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you are lucky enough to celebrate the (Inter)National Holiday of Love in Budapest, you are in the best place possible place. Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. To feel like part of a fairy tale, you just have to climb up to the Castle district, to Fishermen’s Bastion, walk along the streets, take a look at the beautiful view over Pest, smell the fresh air walking down the road through the forest, cross to Pest on chain bridge, stroll along the riverbank, then Margitsziget, or Andrássy road, take the stairs to Gül Baba Türbe, and the line continues… Here I have made a list of some romantic places, restaurants, cafés around the city, that would make -for example- me or my lady friends feel very special on a Valentine’s day night out. Ideas for gentlemen.

gerlóczy  Paris is said to be the most romantic city in the world. Gerlóczy Café offers a piece of  Paris in the heart of Budapest, in Gerlóczy street 1. The café is a  popular  meeting point  among locals and tourists also. The menu  considered to  be  international (rather  French, obviously), with some Hungarian dishes, among the  specialities. Do not forget:  Gerlóczy café offers beautiful rooms as well!


If you truly want to amaze the treasure of your heart, Arany Kaviár restaurant on the Buda side is a great choice. This fine dining Russian restaurant is situated on the bottom of the Castle district (Ostrom u. 19), and offers a very intimate atmosphere, and delicious meals, including caviar, fishes, pelmenyi, or borsch. Stepping into the restaurant you will find yourself in another world right away, with all the decoration and furniture, expressing the rich culture of Russia. No wonder why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also chose this great restaurant to celebrate their blooming romance.

legenda What makes Budapest such a romantic city? I believe we can agree, that it is  the river Danube. The unification of the two separate towns -in 1873- brought  out  the best in both. During a river cruise you just cannot turn your head  enough to  take in all the beauties of the city. Legenda boat cruises offer a  delicious 4- course menu, during a 1,5 hours boat trip. The exclusive menu contains fish and meat dishes and great variety of wines as well.  The boats are rebuilt in  a  special  “dolphin” shape, with glass all over, so you cannot miss the view  from  any  table.

noireWhat is the most romantic food in the world? Chocolate. Chocolate in any variety: cakes, hot or cold chocolate drinks, chocolate fondu, truffles, or just high quality chocolate bars. All these aphrodisiacs are available in Noir Chocobar (1061 Budapest, Hegedű u. 6.) Look how these cosy seatings are made to enjoy eachothers’ company, while sipping a glass of delicious hot chocolate, and whispering sweet words. The owners also thought about your need for a bit more intimacy, so they divided the seating area with the movable panels. Are you ready to impress your sweetie?

We certainly cannot forget that Budapest is famous for the café culture. Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity to experience an old or a new favourite. It is impossible to mention all the great cafés of the city, just some from the list: Szamos confectionary shops and cafés can be found in many parts of Budapest, all their products are highly recommendable (just be careful not to overdose); New York Café is the well known meeting point of the 20th century artist generation, beautiful interior, though a bit pricey; Central Café will surely make a remark on your soul, amazingly beautiful interior, and fantastic food; Auguszt confectionery shop, if you think you have seen enough, just take a look at this charming confectionery close to Mammut shopping mall.

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