Olimpia Restaurant

cucumber, mangalica, spring onion

Keleti Pályaudvar (Keleti Railway Station) and its surroundings is not exactly known for being a chic, elegant, nor trendy neighborhood, not even for the fantastic restaurants, cafés or shops. That is why it is fantastic to find some hidden gems in the district. Gems like: Garay piac (market hall) with all the fresh products, Goat Herder (one of the best places for coffee in Budapest), and most of all, Olimpia restaurant.

Olimpia is located on the corner of Alpár utca and Színva utca, in a cellar, a cosy, small place. It seats around 25-30 people, personal service guaranteed! Do not expect anything fancy, a casual restaurant with amazing food and professional service. The philosophy is to use the daily fresh ingredients, so the menu is created by the chefs every day. Some hint of the ingredients is mentioned on the blackboard, but it is a surprise what you will actually get on your plate. You can choose whether you would like a 4-5-6- or 7-course meal, and it is a choice to pair it with wine, or not.

Here are some dishes from our 5-course menu, absolutely amazing!

Olimpia restaurant
Duck liver paté, pineapple, mango foam
Venison steak, beetroot relish, marinated beetroot with wasabi, onion cream with beet juice, beetroot chips
Chicken consommé with vegetables and noodles
Atlantic cod fish, broccoli cream, roasted broccoli, marinated broccoli, brown butter foam
the surprise dessert: apple compote, mango foam, lime sorbet
Sacher cake, bluberry sorbet, violet meringue

Olimpia offers 3-course lunch as well, but to really see what the kitchen is capable of, you need to experience their dinner. It starts at 7 pm, and following the “Slow Food” trend, you can enjoy food and wine throughout the evening.

Our visit was October 26 2018, absolutely fabulous experience, highly recommended restaurant in Budapest! (Chefs, quality of the food on any other day may vary).

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