Traditional drinks




Hungary is well known for its superb alcoholic beverages, produced both by large manufacturers and by many locals all around the country.

We take the opportunity to taste classic drinks, according to Hungarian customs. It is common to drink a shot of pálinka to ward off all kinds of sickness and before and sometimes with all meals, it is supposed to do you a lot of good (we like to keep this tradition, and forward the message to our children). Unicum is also a world famous product, and we are lucky to have the family producing this truly unique spirit in Budapest!

Besides the great spirits, the country produces a variety of great quality wines, that are not as well known as they should be in other parts of the world. Beer production is also reaching the next level, industrial brewing is not the only way any more, but craft beer is getting more and more popular in Budapest’s bars.

Coffee houses have also taken a step forward in Budapest! Budapest coffee houses are world famous. They are still the most popular meeting points among locals and tourists as well. With all their delicious cakes, some new venues are surely aiming to conquer the world. Discover the latest cafe house trends of the city with us!

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