Why join the walks?


 Besides the delicious tastes that we will experience, we pass by the many, many beauties of Budapest, some hidden attractions, and old and new architectural highlights, which the city is so loved for.

You will hear some stories about the Hungarian food veterans, meet the next generation, and some will share their vision with you personally! If you are interested in the Hungarian people, our culture, what we eat, and what our passions are, this is a great opportunity to get to know us better.

 Highlights of the Culinary walking  tour


  1. Take a sip of the famous Hungarian pálinka or unicum, in a local wine shop.
  2. Taste the traditional paprika-spiced fish soup, made from freshwater fish
  3. Enjoy the flavor of the traditional gulyás soup, a spoonful of Hungarian history
  4. Find out what is the most popular vegetable dish on the Hungarian table
  5. Dine in one of the most beautiful cafés of the city
  6. Open your senses to the best cakes in the world
  7. Discover a new and trendy sweet point of the city, a cookie-shop a’la modern Budapest
  8. Drink a cup of coffee with us in one of the latest hot-spots, a great and fast expanding new venue
  9. + Plus a surprise sweet-treat!

kolbász tál

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  Highlights of the Coffee Houses walking  tour

central café, food tour

  1. Take a sip of a famous Hungarian spirit or wine
  2. Enjoy a choice of Hungarian cheese platter with the house specialties of a gorgeous café
  3. Taste a variety of cakes in Budapest’s most wonderful café
  4. Visit the rapidly expanding marzipan and chocolate manufacturing industry’s confectionary shop, in a stunning luxury hotel
  5. Learn about the history of Budapest coffee culture, in the pleasant company of a local food-fan guide
  6. Have a cup of fine coffee/tea of your choice



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