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Matrjoska, Russian specialties in Budapest

Matrjoska restaurant
From fine dining (Aranykaviár) to self-service buffet restaurants ( Babuska), luckily the Russian cuisine is presented in different forms for the people of Budapest. Matrjoska is one fine bistro restaurant that perfectly suits  the line of the Russian restaurants, where food and atmosphere gives you that extra feeling you are looking for. The restaurant calls itself a cultu...
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Gastro Dictionary vol. 1

While the neighboring countries around Hungary show some sort of similarities in their cuisine - especially the ones from the Slavic language families-, Hungarian kitchen does have some kind of originality, or we can say: an extra ingenuity. We do have many very difficult dishes, whilst surprisingly easy and tasty ones can also be found. This is true for soups, just like for ca...
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Cold soups ?

sour cherry soup
While in most countries, hot soups are consumed in cold weather, or as a treatment against flu, in Hungary, it is very common to eat this delicious cold soup before the main dish. Although there are some equally (or maybe even more) popular cold soups ( ex. gazpacho from Spain), these are usually not sweet. The most popular is the fruit soup, made of sour cherry, but you ca...
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