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Hungarian cheeses

cheese platter
According to the etymology, the words "fejni" (milked) and "vaj" (butter) already existed in the 11-13th century in Hungary. The pastoral Hungarians mainly used sheep milk to make cheese. The use of cow milk to make cheese was first started by Germans in the highlands in the 13th century. They also traded cow milk cheeses, proved by the existence of the Késmárk settleme...
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Healthy Hungarian

halászlé, fish soup, fish festival, healthy fish food
Starting your day with sweet white flour bakery products, having heavy soups with meat, (and meat again as main dish), and of course a delicious cake as dessert, the everyday Hungarian cuisine is considered very tasty, albeit is not considered healthy. The main ingredients of our typical dishes are: onion, lard and paprika. They are not unhealthy in little amounts, but cook...
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Budapest ….Wonderland

Budapest is a city that amazes the senses. The architectural beauty is visually stunning, and the delicious meals and variety of local foods will overwhelm your sense of taste and smell. On our walking tour we pass some architectural phenomena, strolling between some hot spots, popular among locals, taste some of the unique drinks, and dishes, combining the traditional food wit...
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