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Mineral Waters of Hungary

mineral water
Hungary is one of the richest water site countries within Europe. 12 000 m³ water per person is available for our needs. The stones and water inside the Carpathian Mountains are heated, this is the special nature of the mountains, and this results in actually more mineral water sites and thermal springs. There are more than 500 wells in Hungary that provides mineral water. ...
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Northern treasures – Bélapátfalva

  Would you like to have gorgeous colors on your photos of the nature? Then this is the time to get off your couch and explore the countryside! My way led me to the north of the country this time, and I have found all what I needed to be energized and relaxed at the same time. Bélapátfalva is situated in the Bükk National Park, north from Eger (town famous for it...
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Why join the walks?

 Besides the delicious tastes that we will experience, we pass by the many, many beauties of Budapest, some hidden attractions, and old and new architectural highlights, which the city is so loved for. You will hear some stories about the Hungarian food veterans, meet the next generation, and some will share their vision with you personally! If you are interested in the Hung...
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