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Paprika Harvest

paprika at the mills, to be grinded
  The main characteristic of the traditional Hungarian kitchen is paprika, without any doubt. Harvest time of this red "gold" plant (as called in Hungary) starts after September 8 (day of the misses). In October, farmers harvest for the second or even the third time from the same plants. The first ripe paprika fruits are at the bottom of the plant, and the upper o...
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Our spirit – Pálinka

pálonka, Hungarain spirit
A part of the Hungarian people's spirit comes from a drinkable spirit, called Pálinka. Due to the lucky geographical situation of our sunny valley, surrounded by the Kárpátok and Alpok mountains, Hungary has great land and high number of sunny hours to produce sweet fruit for this great appetizer. Appetizer, I say, because it is commonly known among everybody who has stayed in ...
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Traditional drinks

    Hungary is well known for its superb alcoholic beverages, produced both by large manufacturers and by many locals all around the country. We take the opportunity to taste classic drinks, according to Hungarian customs. It is common to drink a shot of pálinka to ward off all kinds of sickness and before and sometimes with all meals, it is supposed to do yo...
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