Pig on the Broadway

Budapest Broadway Pesti Disznó

The Budapest Broadway (Nagymező street is called by this name) offers numerous culinary experiences starting from one of the best Italian pizza slices (Pizzica) to great Vietnamese cuisine (Dang Muoi). Pesti Disznó fits perfectly into the line of superb eating places in the street, and also in the city. This modern, stylish bistro offers mainly Hungarian dishes of mangalica (our nearly extinct longhaired pig) with some exceptions.

Pesti Disznó inner restaurant designEntering the bistro you realize that the high ceiling (so common in Budapest buildings) gives plenty of space to decorate the walls with wine bottles from all over the country. A simple, yet meaningful design. The covered terrace is one of my favorites, It is nice to sit and enjoy the sun, watching the passersby.

As it is a popular restaurant, it is definitely recommended that you book your table in advance. Most of the waiters (mainly men) have been working at the restaurant for a long time, so they are knowledgeable about the menu, kind and helpful. However, I did not experience that they want to go beyond their main tasks to serve  you, and they are difficult to catch. Once they forgot the order, and just simply didn’t pass by our table for about 10-15 minutes. That is the only negative impression though.

We had an aubergine cream, goat cheese cream, and goose liver terrine as an entrée. The aubergine had a slightly smoky taste, perfectly seasoned, just as it should be. The goat cheese was a very good quality, with a bit of tomato concasse on the top. It was served with fresh bread.

The goose liver terrine was also delicious, served with fig jam.

Pork rib and beer at Pesti DisznóBőrös malackaraj (skinned pork loin) was the main dish, served with polenta. Tasty and not too fatty, which we found special, as the pork loin is typically served fatty with skin in Hungary.

Somlói galuska is a piece of art in the Pesti Disznó: small dumplings are served on an oval-sized plate, covered with chocolate stripes and cream. The different kinds of sponge cakes were merged nicely, and the texture of the cake was perfect! I especially liked the caramelized walnut pieces between the layers. I would consider this to be one of the best Somlói sponge cakes in the city.Somlói galuska at Pesti Disznó



Food: 5/5

Service: 3/5

Pesti Disznó

address: Nagymező street 19