Recommended Restaurants and Food Shops

We know that visiting Budapest can contain heavy questions, especially when you are about to choose the best eating or drinking places. You will be amazed by the number, and the selection of foodie venues in the city. Hereby, we collected our favorite places, a little guidance to your visit, in the labyrinth of great cafés, restaurants, bars and food shops. The following venues have proved for us throughout shorter or longer times, that they can keep up the high quality of their products, they have earned our loyalty, that we would like to pass on to you now.

We hope, you will find this list helpful, and you can enjoy the restaurants' welcoming hospitality !

You find a food-tour-stop-budapest sign, next to the places, where we have a tasting stop on one of our walking tours.

You find a budapest-food-tour-voucher sign, where the restaurants, cafés or food shops offer discounts exclusively to our guests! Download your voucher, if you wish to visit the chosen foodie place, and receive their generous discount!

central cafe voucher

Central Café

A classic café with secular traditions and contemporary kitchen. Central Café provides a historical scenery, delicate ambience,  delicious meals, delightful desserts, and refreshing drinks to their guests of all ages. The perfect venue to pamper yourself, your family and friends with an elegant sorrounding accompanying great service and fantastic dishes.


food-tour-stop-budapest  We visit Central Café on our “Culinary walking tour”, and also on our “Coffee Houses walking tour”

Kelet Café

Grab a book, relax and enjoy the fantastic selection of coffees in Kelet Café! A carefully evolved menu offers breakfast, lunch or dinner, inspired by the Eastern cuisine. Book exchange, photo and painting exhibitions, artist talk shows and concerts, bring you closer to the artistic world of coffees, teas, and wonderful flavors.


budapest-food-tour-voucher  Receive 10% discount from the price of all food and drinks on the menu, (except seasonal offer).


Korhely Restaurant

Traditional Hungarian dishes, made from local products. The focus of Korhely restaurant is on great quality meat, like mangalica and szürkemarha (grey cattle), goose liver. fabulous cheeses, truffle seasoned dishes and tasty vegetables of Hungary. Wonderful selection of Hungarian wines, beer and pálinka. Enjoy the harmony in the local flavors!


budapest-food-tour-voucher  Free pálinka or dessert, when ordering a main dish.

Budapest-Food-tour-stop We have a tasting in Korhely Restaurant on our "Culinary walking tour".

Macesz Bisztro

Macesz Bisztro offers hidden and well known treasures of the Hungarian and Jewish cuisines, with traditional and reimagined courses for their guests. The restaurant is one of the most exciting culinary spots in downtown Budapest, an excellent choice for a romantic dinner, a family lunch or a business meeting.


budapest-food-tour-voucher Receive 10% discount from the price of all food and drinks on the menu.

Első Pesti Rétesház / Strudel House

Take a look into the art of making strudel in the authentic restaurant. The pastry chefs prepare this popular dessert right in front of you with perfection! Besides the traditional dishes, Strudel House serves savory and sweets strudels: cottage cheese, poppy seed, or sour cherry fillings are among the most popular ones in Hungary!

food-tour-stop-budapest  We visit Rétesház on our " Basilica Food Tour”.

budapest-food-tour-voucher Receive 10% discount on all food and drink items from the menu.

Café Vian

French Bistro style restaurant, with a nice selection of traditional Hungarian dishes. Fantastic food and lovely ambiece! Café Vian is now established at Budapest’s 3 most important locations : Unesco World Heritage Academy of Music and Andrassy avenue corner, old jewish district’s must see Gozsdu passage, and next to the Basilica in the very heart of the city.

budapest-food-tour-voucher Receive 5% discount on all food and drink items from the menu.


A piece of Transylvania, a piece of tradition and a piece of health. This lovely ambience food store offers great variety of cold cuts, cheeses, bakery products and drinks from Transylvania. Centrally located, in the heart of Pest, homemade breakfast between 7-12 am!


budapest-food-tour-voucher  Get 10% off from all items, and meals you purchase.

Budapest-Food-tour-stop We visit Carpaticum on our “Culinary walking tour”.

Grinzingi Borozó

Centrally located, historical-ambience parlor offers lovely wines from the Mátra region, pálinka and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Traditional Hungarian dishes, like smoked trotters, stews or Gulyás are also on the menu. Very reasonable prices, breakfast, lunch or dinner is available.


budapest-food-tour-voucher  Receive 10% discount from the price of all food and drinks on the menu.

 food-tour-stop-budapest  We visit Grinzingi Borozó on our “Culinary walking tour”.

La delizia cookies in Food Tour Budapest

La Delizia

A piece of south France in the heart of Budapest. Cookies, cakes, ice-cream, coffee, home made lemonades, hot chocolate and more, in this small artisan cookie manufacture. Lovely atmosphere, wonderful desserts made with art. Perfect pretty gifts for your loved ones!


 food-tour-stop-budapest  We visit La Delizia on our “Culinary walking tour”.

Menza Restaurant Budapest


“Menza offers so much more than the double treat of coffee and sunbath on the terrace from early spring to late autumn: we are passionate about serving delicious food all through the year. Although the name of the restaurant refers to canteens of the Socialist era, its interior design and cuisine provides a more sophisticated take on the past that is fine tuned to match contemporary sensibilities.”

Coffee houses tour - Cafe Freai Budapest

Café Frei

The Hungarian Café franchise. The venues are located all over Budapest, and the bigger towns of the country. In a Café Frei you will be amazed by the huge selection of coffee varieties of the world, lovely cakes and bakery products. The vibrant and energetic ambience will attract  you to taste more, and purchase fresh coffee and tea products.


Budapest-Food-tour-stop We visit Café Frei on our “Culinary walking tour”.