Cold soups ?

sour cherry soup
sour cherry soup

While in most countries, hot soups are consumed in cold weather, or as a treatment against flu, in Hungary, it is very common to eat this delicious cold soup before the main dish. Although there are some equally (or maybe even more) popular cold soups ( ex. gazpacho from Spain), these are usually not sweet. The most popular is the fruit soup, made of sour cherry, but you can also find apple, pear, peach, cherry, any kind of berry, or even plum soups (common fruits of the region). Cold fruit soups are usually prepared in the summertime, as they are delicious refreshing dishes.

Serve it chilled, add whipped cream on top.

sour cherry soup ingredients
sour cherry soup ingredients


500 g sour cherry (easier to eat if pitted)

2 dl sour cream

1-2 pieces of cinnamon                                                                                                                    

half lemon zest

3 pieces of cloves

3 table spoons of sugar

a pinch of salt

1 table spoon of flour

– Put the cherry in a pot with 1,5 l of water, salt & sugar, put cinamon & cloves & lemon zest in a sack and add it to the pot,  and bring it to boil.

– Take the seasoning out, and strain the cherries.

– Mix the flour with the sour cream, when it is smooth, add it to the boiling water slowly, stiring continously. When it is smooth, add the cherry back to the pot, and season more if necessary. The taste should be equally sweet and sour.





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