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Grey Cattle and Mangalica, Two Hungarian Specialities

Mangalica and Grey Cattle
Eating your way through the Budapest restaurants, you may find some interesting meat dishes, like Mangalica stew or Grey beef steak. Grey Cattle and Mangalica (products) are considered "Hungaricum", they are indigenous to Hungary, protected by the law and symbols of the country. The Hungarian Grey (Magyar Szürkemarha) is the most ancient domestic beef of Hungary. Between...
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Hungarian cooking: Pumpkin Pottage

Pumpkin pottage
Among traditional Hungarian dishes there is one vegetable dish,- that we consider to be typical Hungarian: it is pottage (főzelék). Pottage is a thick soup made of vegetables. While in many countries pottage is made of different kinds of vegetables mixed together in a pot, in Hungary only one kind of vegetable is used for one dish (except "finomfőzelék", -where you mix peas...
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Rétes History

Strudel (Rétes) is a layered pastry, usually with sweet filling, popular in Hungary, Austria and Serbia. Austrians like to claim it as an Austrian dessert, but it is presumably originated from the Turkish baklava, and became popular in Austria by Hungarian mediation. The current form of rolled and filled strudel was spread on the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in...
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Our spirit – Pálinka

pálonka, Hungarain spirit
A part of the Hungarian people's spirit comes from a drinkable spirit, called Pálinka. Due to the lucky geographical situation of our sunny valley, surrounded by the Kárpátok and Alpok mountains, Hungary has great land and high number of sunny hours to produce sweet fruit for this great appetizer. Appetizer, I say, because it is commonly known among everybody who has stayed in ...
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Gastro Dictionary vol. 1

While the neighboring countries around Hungary show some sort of similarities in their cuisine - especially the ones from the Slavic language families-, Hungarian kitchen does have some kind of originality, or we can say: an extra ingenuity. We do have many very difficult dishes, whilst surprisingly easy and tasty ones can also be found. This is true for soups, just like for ca...
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Sweet & Hot

If you think about Hungarian meal, you will definitely think of a cooked dish with red color, thank to the widly used paprika. Why do Hungarians use so much paprika in their food, when the country is so far from Asia, where the chilli is so common, or South America, where the paprika is originally from? In the middle of Eastern Europe, it might be a bit strange, that paprik...
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